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Главная » 2006 » Июнь » 23 » Ник Перумов
Ник Перумов
2:36 PM
Book Description: What if a demonic cabal altered history to feed off a hatred that could never end? And then kept Americans and Russians on the razor-edge of war for a thousand years to satisfy that hunger? But then one day in uttermost space thousands of innocents are killed — victims of a military error — and the deadly balance is upset. Suddenly all that stands between Galactic annihilation of human and spirit-world creatures alike is a half-breed boy and a cranky old Engine Devil named Scratch.
For the first time in literary history, an American and a Russian writer combine forces to tell a tale that soars to the outer reaches of imagination. A place where fantasy and science fiction collide to create a world you have never experienced before.
Lords of Terror will make its English-language debut in March, 2006, and will be available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Fictionwise, and EBookAd, among others. It already appeared in Russia under the title: Armageddon, and was on the hardback best seller list for over a year.
About the Author
The son of a CIA operative, ALLAN COLE was raised in Europe and the Far East. A former investigative reporter, his novels include the landmark science fiction series Sten, the acclaimed fantasy trilogy Tales Of The Timuras and the Vietnam War classic A Reckoning For Kings. His book The Far Kingdoms was a finalist in the British fantasy awards. Allan has sold more than a 150 television dramas, ranging from Quincy and The Rockford Files to Walker, Texas Ranger. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife, Kathryn. Bestselling Russian fantasy author NICK PERUMOV was voted the best European author at EuroCon in 2004 and best Russian fantasy writer that same year. Hailing from an old St. Petersburg family of Russian intellectuals and scientists, Nick became a respected microbiologist and physicist. Struck by the brilliance of Tolkien¹s Lord Of The Rings, he transformed himself into a Russian master of fantasy whose books have been translated into a dozen languages. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and children.
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